The Arrow #175-interim

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Hello everyone.

Greetings from Dallas.

You are not going to believe what has just happened to me.

I was putting the finishing touches on the Odds and Ends section below, converting it into a list instead of each article being it’s own little paragraph, and the entire 7,000 plus words I had written above it disappeared. All except the ad below. I’ve spent about two hours searching for the missing words and have sent an email to the folks who run this platform. This happened once before early on while I was on ConvertKit, and the folks there were able to retrieve it for me. I’m hoping these guys can too. If not, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

When I went to the Help section, I was informed that everything is always saved. And that every time the program syncs—which it does constantly—that that version is saved. And all I have to do it click on the three little dots in the upper right to see all the previously saved versions. Problem is, there aren’t three little dots in the upper right to click on.

I hate it when tech companies do this. And all of them do. Even Google, and God knows they’ve got enough money to stay on top of it. Tech companies make changes to their platforms—usually for the better—all the time, but they never go back and change their FAQs or instructional videos relating to what was changed.

I’m beginning to think I’m snake bit with this platform, although it has many, many advantages for a newsletter writer that Substack doesn’t have. I would hate to abandon it, but I would hate even more the threat constantly hanging over my head that hours of work could vanish without a trace.

Sorry about all this. I will keep you posted. And I’m hoping the admin folks will help me recover the missing 7,000 words, so I can get them off to you in short order. If the Universe smiles on us, you’ll get a double delivery of The Arrow this week.

MD has been on me for not writing The Arrow in Word and then copying it onto this platform. That’s what she does with her OutlanderMD series on Substack. It’s a real pain to do that, but after this horrible experience I may just do that. The platform is supposed to sync, though. But I’m reminded of what my old flight instructor used to say:

“If the pilot screws up, the pilot dies. If the tower screws up, the pilot dies.”

Substitute writer for pilot and platform for tower, and that’s my situation now.

MD and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for Fayetteville, Arkansas for our grandson’s college graduation. I’m sure the folks at the platform will choose that time to get back with me, so I’ll have to deal with them on the road using my iPhone as a hotspot. Great fun.

At least enjoy the Odds and Ends and the Video of the Week. And take a look at the new advertiser below.

And most of all, thanks for hanging in there through all my trials and tribulations.

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Odds and Ends

Video of the Week

After all the talk you heard (or would have heard and I hope will hear very soon) about protein above and what it can do for you in terms of muscle protein synthesis, I figured this would be a good place to stick this video. This guy is amazing, and I’m sure he worked on this a long time before being able to do it. Gives us all hope.

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That’s about it for this week. Keep in good cheer, and I’ll be back next Thursday.

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